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'Loss of Empire has led to political Parochialism’

It was once remarked that the "sun never set on the British Empire". Britain's influence around the world in the days of Empire was hard to over-state. With influences from many different cultures Britain was a world leader and received a significant material benefit - often through the exploitation of a countries  resources and peoples. It had interests all over the world and politicians had to be mindful of the impact of policy on different areas of the Empire.

Perhaps, despite its many, many faults the British Empire gave Britain's leaders at least the opportunity to hold a more expansive world view.

But did Empire actually broaden political views or is that an illusion? Whilst it must certainly have provided opportunity for ideas to be drawn from other countries and cultures - and many ideas were taken from different cultures - there is also the impression that politicians seemed to hold an unsettling desire to bend different mindsets to the "British" way and for British benefit.

Parochialism helps to garner fear and people react to fear by building protections often with measures and barriers they don't need aimed at promoting further isolation. Are our politicians now too parochial.. without world experience have they lost (or never gained)  the ability to think in a broad inclusive way? - to think beyond the home audience and the borders of our country?

Tuesday 17th October 2017 7:00 (Debate starts 7:15)

@ Quaker Meeting House, Union Walk, Frodsham Street, CHESTER CH1 3LF (above Brighthouse)

Refreshments available

Donations requested

Proposer: Adrian Roscoe (CDS)
Opposer: Steve Davies (West Cheshire College)