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Debating Skills

Chester Debating Society provides great opportunities to try out your own speaking skills and to hone them within a supportive environment. Debating can increase your understanding on real issues – help you learn to “think on your feet” and helps you learn from witnessing a range of styles.

In an increasingly insular world where much of our communication is now “virtual” , the opportunity to interact in a place where you can speak and discuss issues is less and less. Yet these are very important skills  - Great speakers are not “born to it” – and good public speaking takes practice   

Being able to speak well is important for:

Interview confidence

Business Meetings

Career Progression

Public Meetings


 Many people are sometimes in positions where they have to persuade others to a particular point of view. This could be as a Barrister in a Court of Law, a Sales person trying to secure a deal, a negotiator on Trade Deals, a Trade Union representative with an employer, a politician trying to get some change, an individual at a council meeting, a misunderstanding with someone or some official or even two friends discussing an issue of the day.

Knowing how to listen and interpret what someone says, to think critically and to then respond appropriately, is a skill worth learning and practicing. It can enrich your life experience and empower you to deal more effectively with the things that matter to you.  It can help each of us understand issues better and take more measured responses.  Exploring issues through debate can help us to become less judgemental and more tolerant.   

There are fewer and fewer opportunities these days to practice these skills – certainly outside of the Education environment (Schools , Colleges and Universities).  

There are so many facets of life that require input from different perspectives.

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Debating in particular encourages participants to state a case in a clear and concise manner – to respect and take in the views and arguments of others and respond accordingly. Opinion really can and does change through the course of a debate.  

Spoken Word

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